Dear Reader,

One 'touch' and easy, profits could be yours...

Imagine taking a few minutes to go online, place this simple trade and then watch your money accelerate from R1,000 to R1,540, R1,660 or R1,700. – sometimes in less than a day.

It's no pipe dream.

In all my 13+ years experience of making money from the financial markets, I don't think I've seen a more powerful and EASY way to build real wealth than this.
Anyone can do this, and everyone should...

This really has it all - huge returns, fast hits, exciting plays, outstanding average gains and tremendous long-term potential. If you want an easy way to play the financial markets to pick up regular gains when it suits you, this is something you've just got to try...

If you can spare me a few minutes now, I'll tell you everything you need to get in on this.

And I'll start by showing you just how EASILY this can make you money...

Set yourself up for a quick 
R540 profit before you 
even leave for work

Just picture this for a moment...

You've just had your breakfast and you're about to go to work. But before you do, you pop over to your computer, log on to a website and place a trade.

Once you've clicked your mouse a couple of times you turn your computer off and go to work.

The day goes as normal... boring meetings, too many emails and jobs-worth bosses on your back.

But while you were at work, that little trade you made before you left, has done something strange.

In fact, it's not strange – it's FANTASTIC.

It's accelerated and transformed that R1,000 into R1,540. While you were at work that little trade has made you a clean profit of R540.

And that's all yours, not a cent to anyone else.

For some strange reason – even though we're using the financial markets – this isn't even classed as ‘investing’. They call it 'Forex trading'. And that's more good news for us.

But look, the best thing about this is: there's so little effort involved. There's no disruption to your day and no month-long wait for the potential profits.

This isn't some dodgy deal or mad scam. No one's getting fleeced. This is simply a professional way to make money on the Forex markets – potentially every week – no matter what the markets are doing.

I've been doing this myself for over 13 years – in fact, I make my living from it.

Someone pinch me: I must be dreaming

Really: it's just one little trigger, then BANG... you make your move.

And, if all goes according to plan – and it often does if you play it right – you could be banking your profits within the day.

Everyday this overlooked 'touch' technique could present you with opportunities to pocket quick profits, backing events that are as close to dead-certs as you're going to get.

Imagine putting in R1,000 that Wednesday will follow Thursday… and getting R1,540 for your trouble.

Well, this (stupidly ignored) financial trading technique not only let's you trade on events as probable as that – you can do it nearly every day.

And boy do these little wins build up quickly...

Sure, you might be thinking R540 isn't much and let's face it... with all these experts and gurus out there claiming you'll make millions... R540 just doesn't compare.

But this isn't some nonsense claim... this is a realistic, proven way to make quick and easy money from the Forex markets. I've spent my life living off the profits

I've made from this: the potential is much bigger than those quick R540, as you'll see....

You could start with just R1,000 and eventually accelerate it up to over R15,400

When you start doing this yourself, you might start small at first, because like me you just won't believe how ridiculously easy this is...

But when you see the money rolling in - when you see how difficult it is to lose on these 'trades' – I'm pretty sure you'll start trading more and making more.

Especially when you start re-investing your winnings...

That's when this system could make you unbelievable amounts - I'm talking thousands of rands - over the space of a few months.

For example, let's say you start off with R1,000 - you put that money on whatever sure-fire trade there is that day (I'll show you exactly what these trades are in a moment), and you could watch as your R1,000 grows to R1,540.

Great, but nothing to write home about, right? You've made a quick 54% profit on your initial investment, and pocketed R540.

Well, the next day we find yet another ridiculous trade - and you put your R1,540 on that trade. This time it picks you up 60% - and grow to R2,464.

Remember, the trades you're going to make are weighed massively in your favour. And you’re just watching your account getting bigger and bigger.
That's what this feels like.

So, over the course of the next three months, let's say you find three of these trades a week, and the average gain you make is 20% per trade (with losing trades).

If you start with R1,000, and keep reinvesting each time you win, you'd end up with R15,407.

That's just by rounding up these small, but consistent wins over three months.

Of course, I say these trades are near impossible to lose - and they are. But every now and then, you'll take a loss.

After all, even though the probabilities are stacked way in our favour, sometimes the ridiculous DOES happen. That's why we ALWAYS trade small amounts, to make small returns regularly.

And to really put the screw on any losses, to really limit your risk, you could bank your winnings from time to time and start afresh, just in case.

As my own confidence grew on this and as I saw these trades paying out time and time again, I was happy to trade more to make more.

These days I've made enough from this technique to happily put down R10,000 in order to win R15,400 per trade.

But the idea here is start small, start seeing the wins and seeing your bank balance grow, then increase your trades so you never risk your own money.

Work from home, work by the pool, work wherever and whenever you please and potentially watch the money stack up.

If you just want to do this a couple of hours a week, I estimate you stand to easily make R100,000 EXTRA income a year... without giving up your day job.

These days I work the hours that suit me (I like to get up relatively early, then finish for the day around 1pm), and I don't have to answer to anyone...

This could be your lifestyle too.

  YES! I want to be a Forex Trader

The overlooked technique that will change your life...

Okay. So let's answer the millionaire dollar question...

"How does this strategy work?"

I'm going to show you, step-by-very-simple-step how you can make rapid money from the financial markets, using a smart little technique called Break-out trading, though I like to call it pickpocket trading as that’s what it feels like you're doing.

However you like to think about it, Break-outs are a form of high profitable trading, which is the same type of straightforward trade you can get down the stock markets, only with one major difference...

You'll be making your money from the Forex market, not the local Johannesburg Stock Exchange market.
And you'll know up front what your maximum profit is AND what your risk is.

Forex Trading was introduced way back in the early 2000s, but I came to them a little later.

Since then, I've discovered that they are simply the easiest and often lowest-risk way of milking the money markets for fast profits.

Now, in the grand scheme of things these profits are fairly modest... this doesn't pull in R10,000 to R20,000 a trade like some complex investment systems boast.

But the great thing about this is that it's EASY and RELIABLE. And making a few thousands as time soon builds up.

How would you like to do the same?

The US Dollar, Japanese Yen even gold... it doesn't really matter what the market is, and you certainly don't need to know a thing about any of them...

Because basically, you are trading on a very simple question...

Will the market go UP, DOWN, or STAY PUT?

So look, there's only one of three choices to make. And this is why I'm so convinced you'll make fast, regular money from this...

By the end of this invitation, you'll see why I'm so desperate to share this technique with you.

In fact, I want to show you right now why I think this really is the PERFECT money-maker in my book...

It's easy to run - so easy you can do this before breakfast, in your lunch hour or after work – whenever it suits you. And when you're up and running it only takes a couple of minutes...

There's no heavy investment... no overheads, no staff, no hidden costs...

You don't need any experience of the financial markets...

In fact, let me show you just how easy this form of financial trading is...

How you could develop the R540 a day 'magic touch'

Here's the thing...

I wasn't giving you the whole story a minute ago. In truth, you don't even have to guess how much a market will go up or down – you can just bet that it will go up... A LITTLE BIT.

Seriously. Just a relatively small move in the market makes all the difference.

To help me explain, put yourself in this picture...

You've had breakfast, you're ready for work... but before you leave you think, 'hey I'm going to make more money today... I'm going to make a Forex trade.'

You log on to your computer, grab the Forex guides I'll send you today, wait for a simple SMS and email and have a look at a market... let's say the Australian Dollar versus the United States Dollar (AUD/USD).

You see that the AUD/USD is moving up at the moment. That means there is more demand in the Australian Dollar versus the United States dollar. And so the price is increasing. We don't need to know why – we don't care.

All we care about is the fact that the 'trend' is UP!

The level of the AUD/USD is, say, 0.7530 (it doesn't matter a damn what that figure is). The trend is up so we predict that it will go up a bit more, say 100 points to 0.7630.

So you place your Forex trade for the AUD/USD to 'touch' 0.7630. You turn off your computer and you go to work.

The day goes a long as normal. At lunch you check on your trade. The AUD/USD is at 0.7535. That's not enough. You're about to give up and then BANG.

In just 30 minutes it moves to 0.7630.

The AUD/USD touched 0.7630 – your trade came good and in that split second as it hit your take profit level you've just clocked up the easiest profit you're likely to ever come across.

The rest of your afternoon flies by and you walk around the office with a spring in your step. You're in on a secret that if you told the rest of the schleps around your office, they'd laugh at you.

But YOU know that when you get home, before tea you could do this again – lock in another profit. And you could do it again the next day and the next and the next...

What will you do with the extra cash?

Maybe the extra money will simply take the weight of bonds and bills off your shoulders?

Maybe it will clear up all your debt in a few months.

Maybe you'll use it to treat you and your family to a glorious holiday on some sunny beach, or a new car.

But whatever it is you want to do - this overlooked way of playing the traditional investing financial markets could help you achieve it.

Just try this, risk-free, and see how much you make in a month. If you're not 100% satisfied, you won't pay me a cent.

Here's exactly what I propose...

I'd like to add you on my subscriber list so you can start making this work for you right now.

It's called Forex Trader, and it's so simple to use, you can start straight away.

No need to take time off work or make life-changing decisions to quit your job and do this full time.

Simply try this for 90 days risk-free, with no obligation to keep it, and if you're not 100% satisfied, I'll buy it back off you any time during those 90 days at full price.

Sound fair?

  YES! I want to be a Forex Trader

This really is the idiot-proof guide to trading Forex, designed as an easy-to-use reference to help you get the most from this exciting new trading system.

In it I explain everything you need to know, like how to open a Forex account... the best time of day to place a trade... when you should take the Forex trade and all the other trades you can use to pull in easy profits... what all those crazy charts actually mean (though you don't need to know this - you just bang in the details of your trade and refer to the Forex Trader service).

In short, you'll have all the information you need to go out there and start making the kind of money I enjoy with Forex trading.

But there really isn't a moment to lose.

Every day that slips by is a day where you could be making easy money.

So, here's what you have to do...

Try the Forex Trader service risk free for 90 days, and see how much YOU make.

Simply complete your details on the next page and click the button to confirm your order.

I'll make sure you can follow the Forex Trader service for 90 days (from the day you are subscribed) with no obligation or pressure whatsoever.

If you don't think it's for you, just give us a call to cancel within those 90 days and I'll buy it back from you at full price.

I can't say fairer than that.

"So, how much will Forex Trader cost me?"

As you may have seen, for me to advise people on this technique, I charge an alliance trading subscription over R16,000 a year… it's worth that much.

However, for some reason you weren't sure to commit that much right now and that's fine...

Truth is, I don't want cost to be any sort of excuse for you to not at least try this approach to the Forex markets.

So, if you really want to make this work and start making easy money from the comfort of your home, then I have great news for you...

Today, I would like to offer you the Forex Trader service for just R925.

That's right – R925.

You could make that back in a day, maybe even an hour.

Look, I could charge much more for this, but that's not the point. I'm already making good money, I don't NEED to be any richer.

But I remember how it felt working for a pittance and struggling with bills... and I remember how desperate I was trying to find a real system that delivered on its promises and made me money.
Well this is it.

The idea behind this has made me financially independent... it's given me the freedom to work the hours I want from the comfort of my own home... and I'm convinced it could do the same for you too.

I'm not going to bleat on what a great deal this is. I just want you to stop hesitating, and grab this opportunity with both hands now.

This really could make you a lot of money in the next 90 days, so why not accept my offer to try this 100% risk-free?

Just see for yourself how easy this is.

Forex Trader gives you lightning fast FOREX GAINS

I’ve said it several times already, but I have to say it again. If you’re interested in the offer we're about to make to you, we must hear from you today. Right now.

But before we get to that, let me tell you what you’ll receive from us as soon as you join Forex Trader:

• Frequent trading recommendations straight from our desks:
We scour the FX markets for the best play, crunch the charts and the numbers, then send you an easy to follow email and SMS with a specific instruction just like you’ve seen in this letter.
• Flash updates when positions change:
When a move is swinging in our favour and it’s time to cash in our gains, we’ll send you a quick email and SMS to give you all the details. You’ll never be on the wrong side of a move.
• Monthly webinars with trading wrap-ups:
We’ll break down the latest market news and tell you the latest on each of our positions in these compact, info filled monthly webinar wrap-ups.
• FREE Forex Trader Insider’s Guide and Trading Manual:
We do all the work. We lay out exactly what you need to do in each trading email we send. But we want you to have the full story on how Forex trading works too. So we're prepared to include this report for you. Read it over and you’ll have all you need to know to trade FOREX like a champ.
• FREE Forex Trader Quick-Start Guide:
This report answers your questions and gets you going fast. In plain English, this powerful document is your step-by-step roadmap to maximising your profit potential in this “sub-niche” and minimising your risk in the world’s largest and most profitable investment market. We’ll also send you a list of the very best currency futures brokers out there.
In no time, you could be raking in Forex profits that beat anything you could find in some book or some crazy course.
Just like I’ve already shown how our members racked up wins like.....
~ 52% in just ONE day - 9 March 2017
~ 54% in just ONE day - 4 May 2017
~ 20% in just ONE day – 14 July 2017

This is everything and more you’ll need to learn and profit from the Forex market.

After all, if an idiot like me can make tens of thousands of rands a month from this, then I daren't think what you'll make.

I look forward to welcoming you on board the gravy train very soon indeed.

Always remember, “Wisdom yields wealth”.

Timon Rossolimos
Chief Analyst, Forex Trader

PS: Remember you have a full 90 day period to decide whether Forex Trader is right for you - If for any reason this doesn't do exactly as I promise, let me know within 90 days for a full refund.  No questions asked.


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